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The Rega Fono mini A2D is a quality phono pre amplifier.
The Fono mini A2D is designed to amplify the signal from a moving magnet cartridge to a suitable level for all line level inputs of an ÁUDIO amplifier. The USB interface also offers the ability to simply transfer vinyl to PC .
The Fono mini A2D amplifier offers exceptional performance and convenience and will be a valuable addition to any Hi-Fi set up.
The new Fono mini A2D benefits from an extruded aluminium case and very user friendly front and back panels that make this phono pre amplifier a very easy product to use.
To transfer vinyl to your PC You will need to install a digital ÁUDIO editor. Such software is widely available as a free download (such as Audacity) from the internet. This is a simple interface which allows monitoring of volume and balance whilst transferring your ÁUDIO to your PC hard drive.
ÁUDIO editing software includes a level meter which indicates the output level achieved when playing a piece of vinyl. You should adjust the output as necessary via the ‘Level’ control located on the front panel. Always take special note of record levels to ensure optimum recording quality.
This is a cost affective version of the MM Fono and based on the phono amplifier as used in the Mira amplifier.
Simply switch on, sit back and enjoy!

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