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Powerful LED PROJETOR, designed for different applications
such as: stage, theatre, TV, discos and clubs, …
Creates wonderful effects when installed behind glass
 walls, ceilings and floors.
Uses 648 high power Hewlett Packard / Agilent LEDs, divided
over 8 independent zones.
Several built-in chases create stunning effects, controlled by
DMX, internal microphone or by a simple hand controller
when used in standalone mode.
Perfect for use in TV-studios due to the 400Hz dimmer electronics!
Over 16million colors can be created by DMX!
Smooth color fades (with DMX and hand controller)
Extremely fast STROBE with any desired color
Different DMX modes:
6 channel mode: all 8 zones react identically
9 channel mode: the LED color bank is divided in 2 zones
15 channel mode: the LED color bank is divided in 4 zones
27 channel mode: the LED color bank is divided in 8 zones

Power supply:  230Vac / 50Hz
Power consumption:  105Watt
LEDS: Total = 648 (Red: 208 – Green: 208 – Blue: 232)
LED scanning freq: 400Hz
DMX channels: 6, 9, 15, 27 (switchable)
Dimensions: 810 x 114 x 160mm
Weight: 8kg

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